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Ticket to change! 

Rosa & Paolo got their plot in Italy, they work on the land,

they renovate the house and keep on adding systems to the system. 

Azienda Agricola Saxu


The very first story of living on a farm, Rosa and Paolo transforming their plot into a CSA farm and a living paradise.

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#portugal #workaway #permaculture


An off the grid Portugal

permaculture expedition

Isabel & Jason at Zambujeira Do Mar making it work!

From Portugal with Love


First Impressions about travelling to Portugal, meeting up with Jason and Isabel

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#samothraki #permalokko #water


It's a fantastic place to refocus and recharge

Join me in this Samothraki Adventure,
meet the people and the challenges of the island

Permalokko Garden


Permalokko Garden, the island and the people during my visits 2018-2019

Samothraki Challenges


A recap of major environmental challenges and options

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#innerjourney #emotions #maturing


Stories from looking inside

Let's talk about feelings ;-)

What we learn from being there

Inner Journey

Just few days before the wildfires in Evia Island, I took these notes. Ode to the surroundings, what nature teaches us everyday.


Inner Journey

Merry Christmas to everyone! ho ho ho Gratitude words for every family I meet :) Biodiversity and community rules!

The ball rolled

Inner Journey

A happiness that comes from natural abundance and interconnectedness.
A happiness of the spirit.

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