• Sani


Merry Christmas to everyone! hohoho

I have been brewing in gratitude for many days and wish to share some with you today.

I am away from “home” this last year far more time than I was actually at home.

Every time I begin a journey, I am overwhelmed with emotions that link to the fear of the unknown. Thinking that home is where my heart is, that inevitably leads to the connections I form with people.

The journeys that I have been in so far, feel like an invitation to someone’s home. That someone becomes family quite instantly.

So this last year I have been part of the most amazing families anyone can wish for!

The most absurd revolutionary visionaries that fill your heart with love and strength.

Quite complex equilibriums that seem to work in their wonderful settings. Nothing is the same and everyone is unique in their ways.

That to me, translates as biodiversity that forms communities which can go through the toughest situations and not only survive, but flourish.

This feels like a breath of fresh air in the individualistic modern age we are going through and could actually break the walls leading to a community based reality. Focusing on the wellbeing of humans and nature.

So I just want to thank all these families that are now my families too for taking me in, sharing their food and shelter, ideas and conversations and most of all their love.

Through that, I feel more connected to everyone, biologically linked or not ;-)

Wairarapa Eco Farm, New Zealand - Family Pic - Christmas 2019

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