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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

Sani Deligiorgi

+30 6997058031

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Personal Statement

The last three years I have been travelling, volunteering and training on regenerative farming. I feel very strongly about the quality of food and believe that by facilitating its production processes we hold a chance for a beautiful future. 

Additionally, I provide digital services  that allow me to continue the going about and meeting all these different people, who are making the world a better place for all of us. Balance between technology and life in nature is quite important to me and the middle ground is very beneficial. 

Technical Skills

Technical Skills

  • Building:

    • Experience in natural building techniques

    • Simple constructions

    • Use of power tools

    • Plastering

    • Home renovation assistance

    • Landscaping skills (stairs, terraces, plant proliferation control, stone walls)

    • Construction of raised beds

    • Extensive fencing


  • Gardening & Animals:

    • Values of regenerative agriculture

    • Seed enthusiast

    • Seedling devotee

    • Compost adorer

    • Chicken tending

    • Beekeeping introduction

    • Watering girl

    • Mulching mate

    • Potions and fermenting concoctions to feed the soil


  • Herbal Medicine Knowledge

    • Master's Degree on evidence based herbal medicines

    • General knowledge on herbal medicines and ethnobotany

    • Lab experience for active ingredient activity testing


  • Digital Skills:

    • Hardware first aid assistance

    • Web page designer (wix, wordpress, consultation for advanced UX)

    • Graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator and Canva)

    • Video (filming, editing and ad clip production)

    • Social Media Manager (create accounts, posts, ads and reporting)

    • Copywriter and content creation (longer posts, articles combined with unique photos and video)

    • Administrative skills


  • Driving Licences (European Licences)

    • Car

    • Motorcycle

    • Powerboat

Personal Skills

Personal Skills

Big chunks of my personality are focused on problem solving and facilitating  various processes.

I value agreements and care to keep a balanced collaboration energy. 

Work History

Work History

Language and Motivation

Online, Part Time



Virtual Assistant, Freelancing per/hour

›              Customer Service Management via HubSpot

›              Customer Assistance, communication & invoicing

›              Video editing

›              Graphic Designer Skills

›              Social Media Content

›              Social Media Ads

›              Organising Virtual Events

›              Landing Pages creation

›              Check out what we do at :

Deligiorgis Pharmacy

Online, Part Time



Social Media Manager

Deligiorgis Pharmacy

Agias Sofias 23, Thessaloniki, Greece

On site, Full Time



Store Manager / Part Owner

›         Staff manager

›         Managed stock ordering

›         Marketing manager

›         Created social media presence and coordinated it

›         Designed pharmacy e-shop and coordinated it

›         Cashier

›         Customer service, specialised in supplements and herbal medicine department

WWOOFING-Workaway Internships

WWOOFing - Workaway Internships

Adventures waru (1).png

New Zealand Agro-Ecology Course and Internship

Wairarapa Eco Farm CSA

Greytown, NZ

7 Months, Nov 2019- May 2020

Adventures waru (1).png

New Farm

2 Pigadia

Mesochori, Greece

2 months, April-June 2021

Adventures waru.png

Italian Farmstay

Azienda Agricola Saxu

Genova, Italy

Since 2018, numerous visits 

Portugal waru tales.jpg

Zambujeira Do Mar

Isabel & Jason Workaway


1 month in Nov 2018

Samothraki waru tales.jpg

Samothraki Workaway

Permalokko Garden


Since 2018, numerous visits 

Less than one month visits

  • Nea Kerasia, Thessaloniki, Greece. March 2019. Martha's Garden Eco-Farm.

  • Megalopoli Arcadia, Greece. July 2019. Alex Koki

  • Arla, Greece. July 2019. Natural farming, permaculture, beekeeping and more on a farm in Peloponnese mainland, Greece. Andreas, Peggy and Dimitra.



KnowCrunch, Deree Professional

Jan-Mar 2017

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media

School of Pharmacy, UCL

London, UK


Master’s Degree, Pharmacognosy, with Distinction

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, GR


Bachelor’s Degree, Biology, General



  • Pottery

  • Scuba diving

  • Snowboarding

  • Roller Blading

  • Leather crafting

  • Photography

  • Ukulele learner



Martha's Garden Eco-Farm

Ask Dimitris for recommendations


Azienda Agricola Saxu

Ask Paolo


Permalokko Garden

Ask Maria

for recommendations


Thank you

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