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Waru Tales was created for my need to share the amazing stories of people that are living the change.

It's also a travel diary to share my experience and emotions going through this process.

The name came up from reading "Earth User's Guide to Permaculture, Morrow 1993" that refers to waru as an Australian aboriginal word for the complementary relationship between organisms. I tried to verify this in bibliography but I couldn't find any other source but that one. Regardless, the word Waru speaks wonderfully to me and it couldn't fit more perfectly. 


I look for interesting (to say the least) people through tinder,

oh no, sorry, workaway/woofing or even just bumping into them. 

They welcome me in their family and I stay for as long as I can.

We work together, we eat together and exchange stories, knowledge, expertise,

plant seeds and most importantly, energy. 

Then I leave with an open promise of one day to come back.

None of us are good with goodbyes. 



Bachelor in Biology

Msc in Pharmacognosy

Technology Enthousiast

Adventure Driven

Comfort Fighter


Creative Mastermind


Poop Machine

Saliva Producer

Stress Releaser

Butt Smelling Expert

Warmest Heart

Scratch Addict

Silent Fart Killer


Busty Lady

Nest Provider

Noise Machine

Speed Turtle Champion

Gets you places Eventually

She Smells


The goal is to feel connected, purposeful, offer service and

help align the wheel towards a grounded & greener world

and have fun while doing it

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